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Adventure/3D Animation | 2021 | Italy |  English  | 52x13' | 2K 


The series revolves around the exciting adventures of 15 year-old Leonardo da Vinci, during the thrilling phase he spent in Florence under the rule of the Medici family.

It’s a time where there is a great surge in the arts, in finance, and in creativity, and Leo can’t help but thrive in this environment.

He pursues painting and sculpture at Andrea del Verrocchio’s workshop, and in the Maestro’s atelier he meets the young painters who will make Renaissance history.

At the same time, in his secret laboratory beneath the city, Leo manages to work on creating his “fantastic inventions,” which will always be tested quite reluctantly by his friend Lolo.

The young genius also experiences his first crush while trying to win the heart of Lisa, who often ends up being cleverer than he is.

In Florence, Leo becomes friends with Lorenzo de’ Medici who will later be known as “the Magnificent.” It’s up to our hero and his friends to save Lorenzo and family from the dangerous endeavors of a mysterious Conspirator, who wants to gain control the city. The Conspirator is helped by a motley crew of hapless Pirates, who are about as fierce as they are incompetent.

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