LINE UP 2020

Ip Man Kung Fu Master
Directed by Liming LI
Starred by Dennis TO, Michael WONG, Wanliruo XIN
Undercover Punch and Gun
Directed by Koon-Nam LUI, Frankie TAM
Starred by Philip NG, Andy ON, Van Ness WU, Joyce FENG, Shuai CHI, Aka CHIO
The Fatal Raid
Directed by Jacky LEE
Starred by Patrick TAM, Jade LEUNG, Kristy YEUNG, Jeana HO, Hidy YU, Michael TONG
Directed by Tim SUTTON
Starred by Jamie BELL, Frank GRILLO, James Badge DALE, Margaret QUALLEY
Directed by Brian de Palma
Starred by Nikolaj COSTER-WALDAU, Carice VAN HOUTEN, Guy PEARCE
2 Graves In The Desert
Directed by Benjamin Goalabre
Starred by Michael Madsen, William Baldwin, Cassie Howarth, Ivan Gonzalez
Crazy Fist
Directed by Guo Qing
Starred by Huang XiaoMing, Steve Yoo, Collin Chou, Wang Wei, Kai Greene
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Gulliver Returns
Directed by Ilya MAKSIMOV
Stinky Dog
Directed by Davy DURAND, Vincent PATAR, Stéphane AUBIER
The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes
By Toe YUEN & Matthew CHOW
Jack Blue
Directed by Celal OZTURK
Lupin III. The First
Directed by Takashi YAMAZAKI
White Snake
Directed by Amp WONG & Ji ZHAO
Directed by Gary WANG
Leo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa
Directed by Sergio MANFIO
Leo Da Vinci 52x13'
Directed by Sergio MANFIO
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