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Ecuador The Poisoned Rainforest
  • Ecuador The Poisoned Rainforest

    Investigation / Ecology | 2016 | Belgium | English / French / Spanish | 52’ or 29’ | HD


    In the sixties, the oil giant Texaco - later bought by Chevron - signed a contract with the government of Ecuador to extract petrol from the Amazon rain forest. Now, more than 20 years after Chevron left the country, 18 billion of gallons of toxic water continue to seep into the soil and flow to the rivers. 30,000 Ecuadorians, victims of this pollution, filed a lawsuit against Chevron, calling for compensation and reparation. On November 12 2013, the Supreme court of Ecuador sentenced the company to pay 9.5 billion dollars as a compensation for the damages. In order not to pay the 9,5 billion dollars, Chevron has been spending more than 400 million dollars in legal and media manipulation.

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