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The Bodyguard
  • The Bodyguard

    Martial arts | China | Mandarin | 2015 | 92' | HD / DCP


    Yue Song's great international debut after the netizen's acclaim "King of the Streets." Taking the lead from Bruce Lee, Yue Song displays authentic martial arts in THE BODYGUARD. Yue Song plays Wu Lin, as the successor of the ancient clan of the Iron Kick. After the death of his master, he leaves his village and ventures to the city to look for his fellow apprentice Jiang Li. Before he can find him, he takes the job of a bodyguard, protecting Faye, the wealthy daughter of a business man. 

    Jiang Li returns, leading a gang of mobsters ready to kidnap Faye, and Wu Lin's loyalties are split between his ancient clan of the Iron Kick, and his ward, Faye.

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