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All Rights Adds ‘The Thing Behind the Door’ to Cannes Market Slate

Hong Kong- and Paris-based All Rights Entertainment has added “The Thing Behind the Door” to its pre-Cannes and Cannes Market slate of films. The picture is a female-led French horror which is currently shooting and is to be delivered by the fourth quarter of this year.

All Rights pitches the film as a “Lovecraftian creature feature.” The story follows a young widow struggling to make ends meet as World War I rages on. Crippled by grief, feeling unable to keep going without her husband, she resorts to black magic, and is guided by an ancient manuscript. She enjoys success in reviving the dead man, but at a terrible cost.

“Thing” is the feature debut of Fabrice Blin. He is teamed up with experienced producer Fabrice Lambot, whose Phase 4 Productions is behind Monia Chokri’s new film “Babysitter.” (With his previous company Metaluna, Lambot produced numerous genre films including acclaimed French horror “Among the Living” and the anthology “The Theatre Bizarre.”)

Visual effects for the new film are produced by with vfx by Trimaran, a cpmpany which previously delivered effects for “Nightmare Cinema,” an anthology that involved David Slade, Ryuhei Kitamura, Mick Garris and Joe Dante.

The company previously picked up sales rights to French-made suspense thriller “The Pilot” about a drone pilot in Mali whose wife and daughter are kidnapped by terrorists. “The Pilot” is the latest example in the screenlife genre, in which everything the viewer sees happens on a computer screen, a smartphone or a tablet and the entire film plays out on screens.


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