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Hong Kong


Los Angeles

Aymeric Contat Desfontaines

Managing Director


David Bauduin

Asia Sales Manager


Maxime Apollonov

Servicing and Royalties Manager


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Nazim Ben Senouci

Head of Europe


Geraldine Imbert Clery

International Sales Manager


Aurelien Piris

International Sales Manager


Hugo Luquet

Festival Manager

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Chantal Chauzy

Head of N/S America,Australia, NZ, UK Sales & Acquisitions


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Beginning in 2009 with Managing Director Aymeric Contat Desfontaines' Marco Polo adventures from the west to the east, All Rights Entertainment has grown to include offices in Hong Kong, Paris, and LA. We strive to bring solid and exciting content to our audiences around the world. As an international film sales agent, we have a firm base in the Asian market with European expertise. 

Hong Kong office: + 852 23 88 60 07

Paris office: + 33 9 51 07 33 00

Los Angeles office: + 1 310 948 79 05

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