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The Pilot

Action, Thriller, Suspense| France |ENGLISH | 2022 | 81' 

Daniel is an army drone pilot in Mali. While his wife and daughter come to visit him during one of his leaves and wait for him at the hotel, Daniel and his team are called to support special forces about to get their hands on the lieutenant of Mali's public enemy number 1. A few minutes after the operation starts, terrorists break into the hotel room and take Daniel's wife and daughter hostage. Their instructions are simple: either our hero obeys and makes sure the 

operation fails, or they die. Daniel will have to both protect the lives of his colleagues on the ground and try to save his family ... THE PILOT is a fresh take on the ‘screenlife’ thriller, a genre where everything the viewer sees happen on a computer screen, a smartphone or a tablet and the entire film plays out on screens (recent successful examples include SEARCHING, UNFRIENDED, and PROFILE)

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